The Atmospheric Optics Group of Valladolid University (GOA-UVa) is involved in the study of atmospheric components, mainly aerosols, with optical methods. The GOA calibration facility is devoted to radiometric calibration of optical instrumentations such as photometers, and it is part of the AERONET-Europe Central Facility, partially funded by the European Union.

As a university group, our researchers carry out educational and training activity (graduate, master and PhD thesis).

In this site you can find information about the work of the group, members, research lines, publications, projects, vacancies, etc.



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E. Cuevas; C. Milford; J.J. Bustos; R. del Campo-Hernández; O.E. García; R.D. García; A.J. Gómez-Peláez; C. Guirado-Fuentes; C. Marrero; N. Prats; R. Ramos; A. Redondas; E. Reyes; S. Rodríguez P.M. Romero-Campos; M. Schneider; J. Belmonte; M. Yela; F. Almansa; A. Barreto; C. López-Solano; S. Basart; E. Terradellas; S. Afonso; C. Bayo; A. Berjón; J. Bethencourt; V. Carreño; N.J. Castro; A.M. Cruz; M. Damas; F. De Ory-Ajamil; M.I. García; V. Gómez-Trueba; Y. González; C. Hernández; Y. Hernández; B. Hernández-Cruz; M. Jover; S.F. León-Luís; R. López-Fernández; J. López-Solano; E. Rodríguez; J.J. Rodríguez-Franco; M. Rodríguez-Valido; C. Sálamo; E. Sanromá; D. Santana; F. Santo Tomás; E. Sepúlveda; M. Sierra; E. Sosa

Izaña Atmospheric Research Center Activity Report 2015-2016 Technical Report

(236), 2017.

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Javier Vaquero-Martínez; Manuel Antón; José Pablo Ortiz de Galisteo; Victoria E. Cachorro; Maria João Costa; Roberto Román; Yasmine S. Bennouna

Validation of MODIS integrated water vapor product against reference GPS data at the Iberian Peninsula Journal Article

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 63 (Supplement C), pp. 214 - 221, 2017, ISSN: 0303-2434.

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M. Bouvet; E. Woolliams; C. Greenwell; M. Garcia-Miranda; C. Toledano; A. Berjón; Á. Baretto; S. Adriaensen

Lunar irradiance measurement and modelling for absolute radiometric calibration of EO sensors Conference

GSICS / IVOS Xi'an, China, 2017, (2nd Lunar Calibration Workshop).

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S. Mogo; E. Conceição; R. Zocca; A. Barroso; R. Monteiro; V. Cachorro

In situ characterization of aerosol particles at the ALOMAR station, Andenes, Norway Conference

Covilhã, Portugal, 2017, (9a Conferência Portuguesa de Ciências Polares).



J. C. Antuña-Marrero; V. Cachorro Revilla; F. García Parrado; Á. de Frutos Baraja; A. Rodríguez Vega; D. Mateos; R. Estevan Arredondo; C. Toledano

Comparison of aerosol optical depth from satellite (MODIS), Sun photometer and pyrheliometer ground-based measurements in Cuba Journal Article

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions, 2017 , pp. 1–29, 2017.

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