Physics League

Physics League is a non-profit association focused on Physics outreach, founded in December 2014, which has more than 40 members including students of the Physics and Optics Degrees, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. This association is a student chapter of the European Physics Society (EPS) and the Optical Society of America (OSA). 

Visit the blog of this association aquí/here to discover all the outreach activities they carry out (workshops, shows, projects, members, and much more) and see their photos or videos.

Some of the GOA-UVa staff is also involved in Physics League and they have created a workshop to broad the knowledge about atmospheric aerosols and their importance on the Earth’s planetary system. Unfortunately, these topics are usually missed in the curricular activity of elementary schools. With the aid of simple experiments, kids can visualize complex phenomena such as aerosol-radiation interaction, convection phenomena, long range mineral dust transport, and aerosol indirect effects, among others. Hundreds of kids have enjoyed of this interactive workshop in local elementary schools and in the Science Museum of Valladolid.