Current Courses

The current lectures and courses carried out by our group members is the following:

Subject Study Professor/Docent
Fundamentos de Campos y Ondas Degree in Physics A. de Frutos
Técnicas Experimentales en Física I Degree in Physics C. Toledano / D. Mateos
Técnicas Experimentales en Física III Degree in Physics M. A. Burgos
Mecánica y Ondas Degree in Physics A. Calle
Física Estadística Degree in Physics A. Calle
Óptica Fisiológica Degree in Optometry A. de Frutos / C. Toledano
Instrumentos Optométricos Degree in Optometry C. Toledano
Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales Degree in Primary Education  V. E. Cachorro