The CÆLIS system (www.caelis.uva.es) is a software tool developed by GOA-UVa for the management of atmopsheric measurements, mainly AERONET observations for aerosol research.

The service provided through this system is a set of tools for site managers and researchers in the frame of AERONET: real-time information to track the status of the photometers (e.g. location, measurement periods, calibration coefficients, operation alarms, etc.); Access to the AERONET data from the links displayed on the map (via AERONET site); Documentation about instruments, failures and troubleshooting.

The project AEROPA is also powered by CÆLIS. The data provided through this website are intended for aerosol researchers, allowing to browse AERONET site climatology (optical depth, aerosol type classification, average optical and microphysical properties…). It also provides a graph tool to make customized plots.