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Martínez-Lozano, J.A., Utrillas, M.P., Tena, F., Cachorro, V.E.

The parameterisation of the atmospheric aerosol optical depth using the Ångström power law (Journal Article)

Solar Energy, 63 (5), pp. 303-311, 1998.

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Cachorro, V.E., Utrillas, P., Vergaz, R., Durán, P., De Frutos, A.M., Martinez-Lozano, J.A.

Determination of the atmospheric-water-vapor content in the 940-nm absorption band by use of moderate spectral-resolution measurements of direct solar irradiance (Journal Article)

Applied Optics, 37 (21), pp. 4678-4689, 1998.

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Cachorro, V.E.

Simple approaches and inversion methods to retrieve particle size parameters of atmospheric desert aerosols (Journal Article)

Atmospheric Environment, 32 (2), pp. 239-245, 1998.



Cachorro, V.E., Utrillas, M.P., Martinez-Lozano, J.A., De Frutos, A.M.

A preliminary assessment of a detailed two stream short-wave narrow-band model using spectral radiation measurements (Journal Article)

Solar Energy, 61 (4), pp. 265-273, 1998.

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Córdoba, C., Muñoz, J.A., Cachorro, V., Aguirre De Cárcer, I., Cussó, F., Jaque, F.

The detection of solar ultraviolet-C radiation using KCl:Eu2+ thermoluminescence dosemeters (Journal Article)

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 30 (21), pp. 3024-3027, 1997.

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Cachorro, V.E., Tanré, D.

The correlation between particle mass loading and extinction: Application to desert dust content estimation (Journal Article)

Remote Sensing of Environment, 60 (2), pp. 187-194, 1997.

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Cachorro, V.E., De Frutos, A.M.

An analytical study about the ratio between particle mass loading and extinction: Application to desert dust aerosols (Journal Article)

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 57 (4), pp. 559-568, 1997.

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Cachorro, V.E., Durán, P., De Frutos, A.M.

Retrieval of vertical ozone content using the Chappuis band with high spectral resolution solar radiation measurements (Journal Article)

Geophysical Research Letters, 23 (23), pp. 3325-3328, 1996.

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