Dr. Benjamin Torres

Is a researcher contracted by GOA-UVA in order to work on scientific tasks within several projects of the group (AEMET, JCyL). He first started collaborating with the group in 2005, by participating in the ALOMAR 2005 campaign within the scope of the IPY: GOA Summer Aerosol Arctic Campaign 2005 (GOA-SAAC’05). Only a few months later, he obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science for w
orking as a collaborator in GOA during his final study year. Upon finishing the MSc (2006), he was awarded with a scholarship from the group for undertaking the courses within the Master “Instrumentation in Physics”, a prerequisite before continuing with the doctoral studies. In July 2007 he started the PhD supported by a University of Valladolid and BSCH doctoral scholarship. In July 2008, the former scholarship was replaced by a national scholarship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Eduaction and Science for a period of three years (July 2008-July 2011), within the program of FPU (Education for University Teachers). He has finished writing the PhD thesis and is currently preparing the thesis defense, which is scheduled for April this year. The thesis is qualified to obtain the “international mention”, as Benjamin did a research stay of 8 months with the LOA group at Lille University in France.

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