Dr. Roberto Román

Graduate in Physics at the University of Valladolid in 2009. He obtained his PhD in 2014 through his PhD thesis titled “Reconstruction and analysis of erythemal ultraviolet radiation at the Iberian Peninsula from 1950”. After that, he started to work in the Group of Atmospheric Optics (GOA-UVA) as a postdoctoral researcher. At present, he is responsible, in part, of the calibration and control of the Cimel photometers which belong to the RIMA-AERONET network. Moreover he is in charge of the maintenance and control of a ceilometer and an all-sky camera. Regarding research activities in the GOA-UVA, he is centred in the validation of satellite remote sensing data, in the retrieval of atmospheric properties from the all-sky camera, and in the study of aerosol vertical profiles. His career provided him a diverse knowledge and skills in the fields of solar and ultraviolet radiation, radiative transfer, satellite measurements, atmospheric gases (like ozone and water vapour) and aerosol optical properties.

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