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Metrology for aerosol optical properties (MAPP)

The overall aim of this project co-ordinated by PMOD (Physicalisch-Meteorologische Observatorium Davos, Switzerland) is to enable the SI-traceable measurement of column-integrated aerosol optical properties retrieved from the passive remote sensing of the atmosphere using solar and lunar radiation measurements. Radiometers of the three largest aerosol monitoring networks will be calibrated at NMI laboratories. Also, portable …

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Enhanced synergetic retrieval of Aerosols, Clouds and Water Vapor properties in Arctic and Antarctic Regions (ePOLAAR)

Principal investigator: V. Cachorro, R. Román Duration: Jan 2019- Dec 2021 Funded by: AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN, Proyectos de I+D+i RETOS 2018 Budget: 290.000€ The determination of aerosol, water vapor and cloud properties in Polar Regions is a key task to increase our knowledge about climate change and its impact in these areas. In the …

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