Número especial de Atmosphere

This Special Issue aims to provide recent advances in the field of the optical properties of aerosols. The interaction of
the solar radiation with these atmospheric particles plays an important role in determining the budget of the
radiative forcing, as they can act both as absorbers or scatterers of solar light. They can also have an indirect
effect, affecting the formation of clouds and influencing their lifetime.
Besides their contribution to climate change and visibility conditions, this topic is also relevant to those working with
identifying potential sources of aerosols. Original results from laboratory and field measurements, both remote and
in situ, are all welcome contributions. Authors are encouraged to include a section touching on future issues,
opportunities, and/or concerns related to the next decade’s horizons.
Topics of interest for the Special Issue include, but are not limited to:
– Absorption and scattering coefficients;
– Single scattering albedo and extinction coefficients;
– Absorption and scattering Ångström exponents;
– Effects of aerosols over climate: radiative forcing;
– Other effects of aerosols: visibility.