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Dr. David Fuertes

He is an engineer contracted by GOA-UVA in order to work on computering and scientific tasks within several projects of the group (AEMET, JCyL). He obtained his MSc in Computer Engineering in Valladolid University. He is in charge of the managing and mantenance of CÆLIS system, which controls RIMA network (this system was created by him and Dr. Alberto Berjón). Beside this, he supervises the data obtained in all RIMA sites. Since October 2008, when he started his work at GOA, he has been completed his formation by adding knowledges about aerosol science. Based on this fact, he is currently developing modules to adapt CÆLIS so as to be useful in research tasks within GOA-UVA too. He also helps with the tasks of Eng. Ramiro González.


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Y. S. Bennouna; V. E. Cachorro; C. Toledano; A. Berjon; D. Fuertes; R. Gonzalez; R. Rodrigo; B. Torres; A. M. de Frutos

Climatology of columnar aerosol optical properties over two sites in Spain derived from AERONET-RIMA sunphotometer and satellite (MODIS, OMI) data Conference

Proceedings (ISBN:978-84-693-4839-0), Granada, Spain, 2010, (4th RECTA (Reunión Española de Ciencia y Tecnología del Aerosol)).


Cachorro, V.E.; Prats, N.; Mogo, S.I.; Toledano, C.; Berjon, A.J.; Montilla, E.; Torres, B.; Rodrigo, R.; Fuertes, D.; Gonzalez, R.; Bennouna, Y.S.; de Frutos, A.

Discrimination of aerosol types and absorbing aerosols Conference

38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, vol. 38, COSPAR Meeting 2010.

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