The Atmospheric Optics Group of Valladolid University (GOA-UVa) is involved in the study of atmospheric components, mainly aerosols, with optical methods. The GOA calibration facility is devoted to radiometric calibration of optical instrumentations such as photometers, and it is part of the AERONET-Europe Central Facility, partially funded by the European Union.

As a university group, our researchers carry out educational and training activity (graduate, master and PhD thesis).

In this site you can find information about the work of the group, members, research lines, publications, projects, vacancies, etc.

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Añel, J. A.; I. Cnossen; J. C. Antuña-Marrero; G. Beig; M. K. Brown; E. Doornbos; R. García; L. Gray; D. R. Marsh; S. Osprey; M. G. Mlynczak; S. M. Mutschler; P. Pišoft; V. Sofieva; P. Šácha; L. de la Torre; S.R. Zhang

Documenting the Impacts of Climate Change on the Middle and Upper Atmosphere and Atmospheric Drag of Space Objects Journal Article

In: SPARC Newsletter, no. 61, pp. 22, 2023, ISSN: 1245-4680.

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V. Salgueiro; J. L. Guerrero-Rascado; M. J. Costa; R. Román; A. Cazorla; A. Serrano; F. Molero; M. Sicard; C. Córdoba-Jabonero; D. Bortoli; A. Comerón; F. T. Couto; M. Á. López-Cayuela; D. Pérez-Ramírez; M. Potes; J. A. Muñiz-Rosado; M. A. Obregón; R. Barragán; D. C. F. S. Oliveira; J. Abril-Gago; R. González; C. Gíl-Díaz; I. Foyo-Moreno; C. Muñoz-Porcar; M. J. Granados-Muñoz; A. Rodríguez-Gómez; M. Herreras-Giralda; J. A. Bravo-Aranda; C. V. Carvajal-Pérez; A. Barreto; L. Alados-Arboledas

Characterization of Tajogaite volcanic plumes detected over the Iberian Peninsula from a set of satellite and ground-based remote sensing instrumentation Journal Article

In: Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 295, pp. 113684, 2023, ISSN: 0034-4257.

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Javier Montero-Martín; Manuel Antón; José Manuel Vaquero; Roberto Román; Javier Vaquero-Martinez; Alejandro J. P. Aparicio; Arturo Sanchez-Lorenzo

Reconstruction of daily global solar radiation under all-sky and cloud-free conditions in Badajoz (Spain) since 1929 Journal Article

In: International Journal of Climatology, vol. n/a, no. n/a, 2023.

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Elena Bazo; María J. Granados-Muñoz; Roberto Román; Juan Antonio Bravo-Aranda; Alberto Cazorla; Antonio Valenzuela; Ramiro González; Francisco José Olmo; Lucas Alados-Arboledas

Evaluation of the vertically-resolved aerosol radiative effect on shortwave and longwave ranges using sun-sky photometer and ceilometer measurements Journal Article

In: Atmospheric Research, vol. 282, pp. 106517, 2023, ISSN: 0169-8095.

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Barja, B.; Rosas, J.; Cachorro, V. E.; Toledano, C.; Antuña-Marrero, J. C.; Estevan, R.; de Frutos, A.

Surface shortwave cloud radiative effect of cumulus and stratocumulus-cumulus cloud types in the Caribbean area (Camagüey Cuba, 2010-2016) Journal Article

In: 36, vol. (1), pp. 41–56, 2023.

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